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World Human Rights Forum in Marrakech

World Human Rights Forum in Marrakech

Approximately 7,000 people from 95 countries participated in the 2nd edition of the World Human Rights Forum in Marrakech from November 27-30, hosted by the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH). The World Human Rights Forum is an initiative aimed at promoting a universal and brotherly space of dialogue and discussion between the many stakeholders who are currently acting to respond to people’s aspirations for dignity, equality and justice. Designed to bring people and organizations together, the Forum consists of lectures, thematic debates and independently organized activities.

At the 2nd edition of the Forum in Marrakech, over 100 topics were addressed and 160 training sessions, community, sports and cultural activities were organized in the city. Nearly 400 journalists from 20 countries were present to ensure wide media coverage. Women’s rights, climate change, migration and the 2015 UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were at the heart of the event.

How we play our part

Mazars was a partner and co-sponsor of the thematic forum ‘Gender Equality in the Mediterranean’ at this year’s World Human Rights Forum. Muriel de Saint Sauveur, Global Diversity Director, hosted a series of roundtables and workshops alongside influential men and women from Mediterranean countries, including:

  • Female Professional Success in the Business World
  • Developing Women’s Economic Leadership
  • Generation Y Evolution / Revolution: Female Leadership of Tomorrow
  • Closing Session: Good Mediterranean Practices

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Muriel de Saint Sauveur. Global Diversity Director. Mazars Group

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