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Fayçal Dieridane: Work Together to Achieve | TEDx Aix

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“The best way to predict your future is to create it” – Abraham Lincoln

Whether or not a problem is solved is often down to how we approach it. We can battle on alone to try and find an answer, or we can work with others to create a solution. What happens when we work together is that we tend to put aside our cultural and national differences to concentrate on what’s important – being human. Working with others also promotes an inter-disciplinary approach that can produce results not necessarily achievable alone.

Take the example of the fight to detect cancer and vascular brain injuries. It was only by geologists and astro physicists working alongside mathematicians and military specialists able to study the trajectory of ballistic missiles that a medical imaging scanner capable of detecting these diseases is now used as standard. It is the disruptive element of working shoulder to shoulder with specialists and non-specialists, educated and non-educated led by those with passion and faith that the flame of inspiration is ignited. It is the recognition that inspiration comes in many shapes or forms, but it’s how you approach it and what you do with it that counts.

Fayçal Dieridane is a computer engineer and humanist. He disrupted the field of medical imaging with innovative solutions to save lives.

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