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State Bank of Pakistan

State Bank of Pakistan

Teaching basic finance to contribute to the country’s development.

In 2011, the State Bank of Pakistan received an endowment from the Asian Development Bank for a major project aimed at teaching basic finance and banking to Pakistan’s most underprivileged adults, enabling them to make better economic decisions and ultimately contribute to the country’s development. The State Bank turned to Mazars for the design and implementation of this program.

Having defined the curriculum content, Mazars’ teams made a careful study of local contexts in order to create teaching tools and materials adapted to suit various audiences. Launched in January 2011, the program was rolled out through numerous different channels during the year: classroom training, workshops, plays, radio and newspapers.

“We have taught around 30,000 people directly, and reached another 15,000 through street theatre but our long term goal is to bring this knowledge to 500,000 people in Pakistan. It’s a very stimulating mission, as it involves a lot of different people at every level. It has allowed us to demonstrate what we can offer, both in terms of high-level strategic thinking and our operational knowledge and experience on the ground.”

Rodney Rahman, Managing Partner based in Pakistan

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