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Ann Lund Wahlberg: Refuse to accept limitations | TEDx Aix

Believing in a person’s ability is an incredibility important part of their development, both socially and professionally.

It is even more important when that person has physical challenges to face which makes simple everyday tasks a constant struggle. But being surrounded by people who believe in you helps make these tasks possible. It gives the confidence to try new ways of achieving tasks that may have previously felt impossible. Belief encourages innovation. It inspires a fresh approach to solving problems and, importantly, accepts failure as simply a point along the road to success, rather than the result of trying. Having people believe in us in such a way also promotes self belief in our own ability to reach our true potential.

A strong sense of self-belief helps remove the invisible boundaries that often surround us both physically and mentally. It unclips the wings of our imagination allowing us to experiment with the skills we have and see where they can take us in life. These things are not always easy to achieve, but refusing to accept our limitations teaches us to see the possibilities more clearly and fulfill our dreams no matter what they may be, or what challenges we face.

Ann Lund Wahlberg was born paralysed and has broken boundaries on making a career out of her love of painting.

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