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Mazars’ First Integrated Annual Report

Mazars’ First Integrated Annual Report

Mazars’ commitment to transparency and accountability was reinforced ten years ago when we were the first global audit and advisory firm to publish consolidated financial statements. In the 2013/2014 edition of our Group Annual Report, we decided to go one step further by presenting our financial and non-fi nancial information in accordance with the framework set out by the IIRC.

“To be accountable you have to be understandable,” says Mervyn King, Chairman of the IIRC, in an interview for Mazars’ first integrated annual report. “Boards and management need to adopt integrated reporting and thinking if they want to create sustained value.”

We admit that it wasn’t simple to pursue this new approach to reporting. In some cases, departments did not have the right systems in place in order to collect the range of information necessitated by an integrated report. But when we asked what our stakeholders, including clients and employees, wanted to know about Mazars, it was clear that our business model and our role as an active player willing to serve the public good ought to be included. Putting this all together has taken six months and required a great team involvement, but we have already begun to reap the rewards of the practice.

Mazars’ first integrated annual report is made up of a number of elements designed not only to meet statutory requirements but also to communicate information in a way that is intelligible and comprehensive to our range of stakeholders. This includes forward-looking information such as our strategic vision and ambitions as well as a market analysis, with a particular emphasis on our risks and opportunities.

For the next two years, Mazars will continue on our integrated reporting journey and focus on developing and deploying new key integrated performance indicators: we will thus select or design new additional KIPIs, in line with the material issues we have defined in our first report. External stakeholders are invited to participate in an online survey providing feedback on our first integrated annual report. We look forward to where this journey will bring us.

To read Mazars’ first integrated annual report, please click here.

Jean-Luc Barlet. Chief Compliance Officer and Leader of Integrated Reporting Core Team. Mazars.

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