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Olivier Tabatoni & Robert Weisz: Managing emotional transition | TEDx Aix

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To energise people is a fundamental part of good leadership. It impacts motivation, satisfaction at work and emotional equilibrium.

Yet today’s focus on short term targets and performance leaves people depleted of energy and with no possibility to recharge their batteries. Part of the problem is that directors have to balance the long term need to innovate and keep a competitive edge with the short term pressure of the financial markets. It’s not an easy balance to achieve. Indeed research shows that over the last 25 years not one company succeeded in conserving a real competitive advantage for more than 10 years. So while leaders certainly need to drive change, at the same time they need to be aware of the effect of transition on individuals.

We need to understand that change is not always welcomed by those around us. It can provoke an emotional response that can sap energy and contribute to a breakdown in working relationships. Often it’s a cry for help and the answer is not to add distance, but to nourish these emotional needs and to re-energise. Good leaders have learned to understand these connections and to handle emotion to ensure it is used as a proactive, rather than a destructive, force.

Olivier Tabatoni is a leading expert on finance, strategy, leadership and how they interconnect. He breaks academic silos and educates the world’s elite. Robert Weisz is the founder of the concept of relational growth, educating leaders and organisations in the field of emotional intelligence.


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