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Michel Noir: Let go and slow down | TEDx Aix

A leader’s job is to take what is happening and shape it into something good for the future.

In trying to achieve this we are often tempted to do too much rather than focusing on our primary role. It is human nature to make decisions based on our own expertise and experience first and foremost, but we also need to understand that our reference points are fixed in the past and this can sometimes affect our judgement. However, with continual change and transformation now a critical part of business, it’s important to resist the temptation to read the future entirely through the glasses of our own experience.

It takes good leadership to avoid this by accepting the knowledge of those around us and giving them the agility and autonomy to develop ideas in order to stay ahead of the game. Finally, we have all learned that the best decision makers are those that take decisions quickly, but this is no longer the case as today’s complex business landscape requires a more considered approach. Leaders who can learn to slow down will make better decisions.

Michel Noir spent 25 years in politics. He is now an entrepreneur in cognitive sciences and a sought-after expert in top executive assessment.

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