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Carole Zibi: Four new leadership values | TEDx Aix

Carole Zibi: Four new leadership values | TEDx Aix

Good leaders are optimistic, passionate and above all engaged with their work.

Such qualities have their roots in the innovation and success of Silicon Valley. So how can we take these qualities and use them to rejuvenate jaded leadership values and re-engage employees on a wider scale? One way is to look at four new leadership values that are now seen as critical to success. The first is compassion, which is the ability to adopt both male and female leadership qualities to better understand and appreciate the needs of managers and employees. The second is encouragement. We have an example in Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, who was nominated as the most liked CEO due to his ability to encourage rather than direct, and his believe that all employees have the capacity for leadership, no matter what level they are at.

The third value is equality. To treat everyone like a peer rather than someone who is above or below you. When people are treated on the same level they feel valued and they become more engaged. The fourth, and possibly most important, value is ethos or shared values. A collaboration based on shared values and belief in a project is a common factor of success. By taking onboard these four new leadership values we can hope to inspire more people and change leadership in a way that possibly changes it for good.

Carole Zibi is a digital marketing expert focusing on what changes social networks foster at individual and corporate levels.

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