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Steve Fiehl: Flip the learning concept | TEDx Aix

The way we learn will have a fundamental effect on leadership values in the future.

The onset of a new digital age is seeing our relationship with learning change dramatically. Thousands of schools are now flipping the classroom concept so that instead of children listening collectively and passively to the teacher, they now learn at home using online games and tutorials guided by a teacher who is no longer the primary knowledge giver, but a coach and an adviser.

As technology makes access to education easier and more flexible, the ability to seek out the right expertise and knowledge becomes a critical skill. We must also factor in that as the speed of change escalates, what we have learned in the past is increasingly irrelevant in the workplace, particularly when it comes to marketing functions. As a result, lifelong learning is a necessity and gaining access to courses that can inform and refresh our knowledge in a continuous way that suits us, is increasingly important. This shift in authority from being taught to becoming empowered self learners filters through to how we perform in work. By taking ownership of our own learning, we will all become self leaders.

Steve Fiehl is the co-founder of pioneering company, Crossknowledge. He believes in disrupting management and leadership via the digital toolbox.

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