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Trust. Innovation. Efficiency.

What lies at the foundation of a Good Bank? For the past several months, Mazars has partnered with the Economist Intelligence Unit to partake in a global discussion of what makes a socially engaged bank a successful business. Mazars participated heavily in the conversation by writing industry points of view, interviewing academic and business experts, hosting debates on a web-based platform and organizing local events in several countries. Discover all of the contributions given by Mazars to the Good Bank debate in this issue of Collective Intelligence magazine.

What does it take to be a good bank?

9 October 2014

Rather than provide a blueprint, the Good Bank initiative has provoked debate with the hope of finding common ground for change. The discussions revolved around what are seen to be the pillars of a Good Bank: Effectiveness. Trustworthiness. Innovation.Read More

Academia Defines a Good Bank

9 October 2014

Mazars Partners interviewed academics to get their take on the definition of a good bank.Read More

Simplicity is a complex issue

9 October 2014

Monolithic financial organisations selling complex products are no longer seen as the future of banking.Read More

Trust and Compliance

9 October 2014

How does a bank rebuild trust with taxpayers, customers, regulators and investors?Read More

Banking Bill and Microfinance

9 October 2014

The influence of the banking bill on the growth of microfinance.Read More

Can Banks be Good?

9 October 2014

Can a financial institution appropriately balance its fundamental role for the economy, its social conscience, goals of servicing clients and optimizing profits for its shareholders?Read More

The Good Bank Debate NYC

9 October 2014

On October 1, 2013, Weiser Mazars co-hosted the Good Bank debate with the New York University School of Law and Center for Financial Institutions.Read More

State Bank of Pakistan

9 October 2014

Teaching basic finance to contribute to the country’s development.Read More