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Paradigm Shift

Valerie-Claire Petit: Look beyond charisma | TEDx Aix

9 October 2014

To be recognised as a good executive today it’s necessary to have leadership qualities. And in order to be a good leader, you need charisma. Read More

Olivier Tabatoni & Robert Weisz: Managing emotional transition | TEDx Aix

9 October 2014 1

To energise people is a fundamental part of good leadership. It impacts motivation, satisfaction at work and emotional equilibrium. Read More

Learning from Generation Y

9 October 2014

Big companies need to look to the needs of young people for clues on how to adapt their business model to remain fresh and relevant.Read More

Eric Cornuel: A new learning experience for business | TEDx Aix

9 October 2014

New technology is disrupting the way business management is taught. As traditional bricks and mortar institutions compete with online networks, what challenges lie ahead? Read More

A Pathway to Positive Disruption

8 October 2014

“The need to question traditional executive education pathways and upgrade learning and development strategies so they better reflect leadership of the future is absolutely critical for business.”Read More