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Can Millennials change companies. For Good?

Can Millennials change companies. For Good?

As the competitive landscape continues to transform, the business world must change the way they think about their business model, services and products. Sustainable innovation is essential for maintaining a competitive edge and critical for companies to respectively engage with their employees, society and their clients. By emphasizing the importance of sustainability within a business, companies strengthen their relationship with stakeholders and develop competencies that competitors would be hard-pressed to match.

Moreover, organizations that foster innovative thinking and intrapreneurship have a greater appeal to millennials. Generation Y is in a position to bring major changes to the business world as its values, aspirations and goals vary significantly compared to previous generations. Engaging with millennials and encouraging their groundbreaking initiatives and ideas can be of great value for a company’s sustainability and its future.

How we play our part

In January 2015, Mazars will launch its first ever innovation challenge to reward millennials who have innovative ideas that can transform the way companies engage respectively with their employees, society and their clients. As millennials represent approximately 80% of Mazars’ workforce and will represent 75% of the global workforce by 2025, Mazars’ objective with the #Mazarsforgood Innovation Challenge is to involve its young professionals and potential future employees in the enhancement of sustainability in the business world and foster an entrepreneurial spirit and culture.

Mazars is inviting graduates from engineering, business schools and universities worldwide as well as its employees to team up and take an active role in enhancing sustainability in the business world. We are asking them the following question:

What would you change so companies do better for: you | society | business?

For more information and to participate, please click here

Mazars US Innovation Challenge

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