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Hervé Trouillet: Breaking down barriers | TEDx Aix

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Society can be summed up in three verbs – to have, to do, to be.

There is a mechanism in society that creates boundaries for those who don’t fit the mould. The boundary might be a lack of education, it may be a lack of experience or not having the right level of business knowledge. So how do we cross the frontier of what’s not possible to possible? For the many of us who don’t ‘have’ or can’t ‘do’ there is the potential to ‘be’. By discounting the first two verbs and focusing on your inner belief and ability. you immediately destroy the invisible boundaries that society creates.

Once this step is taken it opens up a whole new world of possibilities that allows each and every one of us to become what we want to be. It is not an easy journey and your resolve will be tested time and time again. But it’s a journey that inspires, engages and nurtures talent which may otherwise go to waste. As business leaders it is important to recognise talent that may not fit the conventional business pattern, but that can achieve extraordinary results given the chance.

Hervé Trouillet is an expert in animation. As a self-made professional he plays by his own rules and values.

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